Photos from the 4th

I hope you guys had a great holiday! I went out to the Second and Green Tavern to enjoy the festivities. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Being the newest member of

NORMLTriad I was really excited to have been invited seeing as my husband and I really don’t go out much. When I went I was immediately greeted by the owner who noticed I had on my NORML T-shirt.  I was also warmly welcomed by the BTN folks who were putting on a Pinup Girl contest.  I loved seeing the beautiful women there! I have no idea how they have the time to put in that effort! Now, I never did see any of the other members of NORML. If I did, I didn’t recognize you and I apologize.

Up next was Marvelous Funkshun and oh man, can they jam!! I had never heard them before but they put on a helluva show!

The main event, the one, and only Mr. Eric Gales  

Now, If you have never heard of him, please check him out.  I had been a fan prior to seeing him on the 4th of July. He is one of the most sensational musicians I have ever had the pleasure of seeing live.

We came, we drank, we had fun. Thank you to all the beautiful faces that allowed me to photograph them. Thank you for being a part of my new journey.

Love and Lighters, Amy


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