Stop the Hate

I never thought I would have to do a post on this blog about this topic.

The recent event of hate in this nation has done nothing but anger me. I never thought that I would have to speak out against such hate. I do NOT condone actions of hate. I will not support any white supremacy group in any form whatsoever. I will never support a “leader” who supports them.

Your skin color does not make you a better person, your hate does not make you a better person. You Do NOT Get to choose the color of your skin, the parents or country to which you were born. You DO choose to hate. If you are carrying Nazi regalia or swinging a Confederate flag, expect to be confronted. I do not support your stance and will not be in your corner. I will always stand on the right side of history.

I believe in loving each other despite our differences. We all want the same thing at the end of the day.  Family, a roof over our heads, food in our stomach, to hug those we love. Hate has no place here. Hate is not welcomed in my home.

This is the UNITED States of America. Act like it. Take the time to get to know someone of another race, country or religion, gender or sexuality. Let some of their cultures and lifestyles embellish your life and make yours richer.

I am an Ally for those who are discriminated against for skin color, race, gender, sexuality or whatever someone chooses to hate. I will speak up, I will speak out for those treated unfairly. I will do it in the name of Love. NORML people, do all things in love.

Thank you for reading.




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