Triad NORML   invites persons to the monthly public meetings. Often, we have people turn up to see what they can do to help us out and spread the word based on scientific reason as to why cannabinoids are largely significant to our health and well being.   On rare occasion, we find some that think this movement for legalization is about a party. That is not the case in any form or fashion.

We are about the reform of laws regarding marijuana so that people can heal themselves with an all natural plant, whole plant marijuana that voids no deadly toxins. Keeping persons from using a plant, a plant of all things is ridiculous. NO one should be caged like an animal for using and growing medicine.

We need more strong people in this movement. Not people interested in a party, not people interested in drama. We need those willing to speak up and speak out and  be at the front lines working to reform the laws of the land.

We the people are not free. We the people do not yet have the right across the states to grow and use legally. Are we not adults? Are we not Americans who have been taught that we live in the land of the free? Do we not have the right to ingest what we see fit into our own selves? Even North Korea allows legal use of this plant. Do you still feel free being confined to ignorant old prohibition laws? No, no you don’t. Speak up, Speak out. Join your local NORML Chapter now.



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